Here is an example of our most recent work with IQD Agency.

Below are a few stills from our commercials.

At MTN Films we believe that exceptionally engaging video content can be the catalyst to increasing your following and customers. Whether you are selling a product or offering a service your content needs to be on point. For over 3 years MTN Films has been active in videography, carrying projects from pre-production to post-production . In this time we’ve learned that our media accounts need to be constantly active for clients and audiences to find us and subsequently collaborate. The first thing any client would love to see on a website or any other media platform such as Instagram is a well developed commercial that includes all the information they need in a space of 2-3 minutes.

Furthermore, we are cost effective and open to alteration throughout the production phase. We want to tell your story, so in regards to planning and organising the video, we’d encourage you to have a creative input. Before any project we will require at least one meeting before getting the cameras rolling to ensure that both sides understand the purpose and nature of the video. The team are able to take the project from the planning stages to the final product. Although we won’t be responsible for distributing it on your media platforms and help you market the product itself, MTN Films will be able to make sure the commercial is appealing to your target audience and most importantly yourself.

The power of branding is overlooked by many creatives today. Yes, designs of the product is what makes it so special but also how it is presented to the world has a profound feeling on the audience. There are so many clothing designs out there with similar designs to one another but what makes them different is the way they advertise themselves. Working with MTN Films will give you the opportunity to sit with us one to one and talk through all the specialities of your brand whether it be clothing or gadget. With all the information provided we will be able to craft together a video that will not only inform but perform. to the needs of your company.

Our video production team comes from a diverse range of experience within film and tv. Narrative story telling is a strength of ours and we look for many ways to include our individual specialities. We have talented writers, directors, and cinematographers ready to take your idea to the next level. Please contact us to discuss further, we look forward to hearing from you.